WORLD: In the "news"

Hello family and friends,

Just wanted to let you know that there is an article [about us] in WORLD magazine today. :) A good friend of ours wrote it a while back and VOILA! it was published for today's volume. Thanks so much Laurel!! Click HERE to get a short snippet of the article.

I'll get a new picture up on the bLog soon.

Peace <><


Doulos Christou said…

I've been reading the story of your family following your comment on my blog. My family will be praying for yours - what a story... what a challenge.

We have 4 kids, and 2 were diagnosed with Leukemia in 1994 - actually, only 10 days apart. Both are doing well now, but there are many, many complications. The local ABC affiliate did a story on them in June, 2006... the video is posted at
(about 1 minute into the video on the Jim Gibbons Run for Leukemia research).

Anyway, when I say I'll be praying for your family, I'll be doing so as a dad who's walked through a very small bit of your experience.

Wes (Doulos)