12/21: A good day

All in all Emily had a great day today. Her heart rate has come down a bit and she has been more comfortable. We fell that the cough assist has really helped make her secretions accessible for suctioning, which is going to shorten her intubation period. She is on just a little O2 and we are hoping for an extubation before too long. She is still breathing heavily, but that has also slowed a bit too, so she is resting more now.

Anyway - that's the news and our spirits are high. Thank you very much for checking in. We are not out of the woods yet, but things are looking good and we are glad that we caught this early. Please continue to pray for Emily to stay strong and thank the Lord for his goodness in this. We are blessed to have you all praying for us and thinking about us.

We had a nice visit from a co-worker, Mike, who brought us lunch today and spent some time with Emily -- even participated in CPT (Chest Physiotherapy) that Emily gets on a routine basis. It was nice to have him here for a quick visit and the food was great! Thanks Mike.

Peace <><


Anonymous said…
I read the article in WORLD magazine today. Your faith in God through such hard times is so inspiring to me. It's so hard to tell when Satan is testing you and when God is testing you. The hope I have is that no matter what, God is always the One on our side.
I'm only fourteen but right now is when I’m looking for God's purpose. The purpose He's given you and Emily is a beautiful one. You will be in prayers!
God bless you.
Mike A said…
Good luck y'all. We'll keep our fingers crossed and you in our thoughts.

Nate said…
Thanks so much for visiting the bLog, Katy. I am thankful that our story has been an encouragement to you and I am SURE that God has an incredible purpose for you... one that He has already put into place. :) Blessings to you and your future. God will reveal all these things to you as He sees fit. Even in the midst of our struggles I am still learning what God's plan is for me and it can be very tough at times. But we can rest assured that our greatest purpose in life is to KNOW HIM! Nothing else really matters, do you think?

Peace <><
Nate said…
Mike - Mike, thanks for checking in and thinking about us. Hope to be getting home soon!