12/22: Evening Update

Today was another good day for Emily. She did have a pluggin episode (thick mucus plug in her lung), but they were able to get it out and everything was quickly back to normal. Hard part is that we were gone for a short time when it happen. We hardly ever leave Emily alone and hardly anything has happened this whole stay, then she plugs while we are away.

Anyway, the plan is to extubate tomorrow morning (Sun) at 10AM. She has pretty much been weened from everything, so it all looks good at this point. I don't think that means we will be out for Christmas, which is the #1 question we get, but our time is not that important to us anyway, so whatever happens is fine with us so long as we have our Emily. :)

We were visited by some Church friends this week and it was nice to spend some time with them. If you ever have friends in the hosptial, pay them a visit if you can. Bring food, that's always a big hit! They may not know what to say, but it's always nice to have people to hang out with during these times. If you can't, shoot them an email or something b/c I am sure they will appreciate it. :)

Take care! Hugs your kids or someone else's -- preferrably someone you know ;)
Peace <><


Anonymous said…
We wanted to let you know that we read the article in World magazine and will be praying for you and your family. We have had some similar experiences (our daughter had pulmonary vein stenosis), and feel like we can relate in some ways to your story. We share in your suffering, and also the source of your joy and comfort.

With Love,
Aaron and Tori Swank
Mary@notbefore7 said…
So thankful to hear that things continue to improve. Hope you had a good time with Annabelle this weekend as well.

Love, The Wilsons
Anonymous said…
We will be praying for your family, especially Emily. We have lived through RSV. Twin Daughters had it when they were One, right before Christmas. We are also thankful that Emily is improving.

In His Love,
CH & Mrs. Scott Fluegel