12/22: Looking Good & Washington Times

Emily continues to look better. Today we're going to talk about
extubation (taking the breathing tube out). She is nearly on room air
rather than supplemental oxygen, so we're lookin good in that regard.

Annabelle is here for the weekend so we are going to take her to the
aquarium, providing everything is going well with Emily. The Ronald
McDonald House has free tickets to various places around town, so we
try to do something fun with Annabelle when we stay here.

Anyway - we're praying for a rapid recovery and a quick extubation.

ALSO - The Washington Times is running a story on us tomorrow, Sun.
12/23 - so, keep your eyes peeled for the article. :)



Lizzy's Nina said…
We are glad to here Emily is doing better!
Still praying for her.
Jeanna, Christen and Elizabeth
Anonymous said…
Hello Nate and Dianna. David Pruiskma asked our Dwarf House team to keep Emily in prayer and we are sure doing that. Thought I would check in the BLog site...first time ever to do that anywhere and was blessed to see that Emily is making good progress. My wife, Emily, and I continue to pray for her, and for your strength, hope and encouragement.
God Bless, Mark Fauk
PS. Say hi to your mom and dad for us.
Anonymous said…
Hi Nate. It is good to see that Emily is doing better. Cathy and I pray that God's grace continues to help you and your whole family through this difficult time. I sure do miss you at work. My bookmarks have gone into the ether so please hurry back. :-)
Nate said…
Jeanna -- Thanks so much for your prayers and thanks for your help and conversation during this ordeal.

Mark - Thank you so much for visiting our site and for your prayers. We are excited that Emily is doing better and hope to be home soon. I will tell my parents you said hello!!

Dennis -- Uh, oh. :( We'll have to fix those bookmarks when I get back to work. Hang in there in the meantime and thanks so much for your continued prayers and support.