12/29: Am Update - A calm weekend

We have made no ground with Aetna, so we're just praying for a calm weekend while Emily is intubated. We are making sure that the settings on her intubation vent are optimal for her situation. We don't want her breath rate to be too low b/c then she needs to exert too much energy to breath and will get worn out, but we also don't want her rate to be too high b/c it creates a risk that she will start relying on the vent to breath. We need her to keep breathing on her own, which she is doing very well. She is also on a very slow drip of sedation medicine which keeps her comfortable, but very awake and interactive. She's handling the tube very well and we do as much as we can do give her some excitement. :)

Anyway - I'm hoping to catch up on some school work today and tomorrow and we'll keep trying to get a hold of Aetna -- but we may be out of luck until Mon or so. We'll see.

Peace <><