Monday, December 31, 2007

12/31: Last day of 2007!!

YEAH! This is the last day of 2007. Just think, we won't see most of the people we know until next year!

Emily's having some great days. She's vocalizing a bit over her tube and she's pretty active. Click here to see a video of her having a good time even though she is intubated. She is all hooked up to tubes and stuff, just to warn you ahead of time.

So, today we may hear something from Aetna about the transfer. That is probably optimistic considering our history with them, but we can hope, can't we?! I will ask the docs here to maybe call Aetna rather than waiting for Aetna to call them. Either way we are ready to get a move on. Either go to WI or go home soon -- hanging around here is not healthy on the mind, body, or spirit.

Peace <><


Bug said...

Happy New Year guys! I hope next time I read your blog its nothing but good news!!!! Hugs Sheila

Suzanne said...

Hang in there Nate and Diana ..... Emily is in good hands with you and the Good Lord in her corner! I hope a transfer can be worked out this week so Dr Schroth can get work her magic and get Miss Emily quickly on the road to recovery!

Happy New Year and God Bless ALL of you! Hugs, Suzanne & Erinne, 10.5 yrs old, SMA (Canton, MI)

Lisa said...

Hi Nate and family, I first heard about your family in the World magazine. I then looked up your blog and been keeping track on Emily. I will continue to keep Emily and your family in prayer. Your dedication is such a blessing. God bless you all! Lisa McWilliams of IL>

Mari said...

Thanks for the pictures. You have an amazing little girl! We only have dial up at the lake and it is very slow so it gave me time to pray for each person as I looked at the pictures. I've had this wild idea that if you transfer to WI maybe we could see you on our way home from MN to MS, but it doesn't look like that will happen soon enough. Keep us posted. We leave on Sunday. Aunt Mari

Vierna said...

Hello! Happy New Year! I finally read your comment on my babys blog, Deirdre Valeria (DeeVa), and so ended up here. I love the pictorial account of your life! I am a sucker for pics, and Emily is just lovely. I would like to know how it was at first, when she was a newborn... How did you manage the respiratory problems and equipment? I am trying to picture what would be best for DeeVa, as I know I will have to battle the hospital for non-invasive treatment (they seem to be fans of tracheotomy). Anyway, thanks for the support, the info, your on-going inspiring story!

Nate said...

Hey Vierna! So glad you found your way over to our blog! There are some great resources out there for SMA families and we are more than glad to share our experiences with you. Emily is our second daughter with SMA, so we've been working the system for a while now. Feel free to contact us at your leisure!!