2. Quickly Sickly 1. Aetna Approves!

After yesterdays great appointments a couple of things changed very fast.
  1. Aetna has approved the infusion therapy for Emily! This is great news. We will have to re-schedule since we had to make a lot of changes when it was denied - so I'll make a note here when we are going to be heading in for those treatments.

  2. While we were out Emily was quite happy, but her heart rate started to become elevated on the way home -- common for her if she's getting worn out and needs to take a good rest. However, after we got home it continued and was soon accompanied by heavy breathing, a fever, and a very unhappy and lethargic little Emily. By bed time we had antibiotics, but through the night her HR has been in the 160-170's which is high for Emily. If her HR is that high it means that her body is working very hard. She continues to have rapid breathing and flaring nostrils, dropping oxygen saturation --- but very little coughing. {shrug} Not sure about that. We've picked up on more frequent treatments. Please pray that Emily's little body will turn this around so she won't develop any serious illness. Ok - some of that request is selfish, so we won't have to spend Christmas in the PICU, but I'm allowed a little bit of selfishness, aren't I? :)
It is tough to see Emily's body working so hard -- it takes me back to Linnea's suffering and the road that Spinal Muscular Atrophy takes us all down at some point. That is where my mind is.

BUT, enough of that - we are not there with Emily. She is sick, but will pull through it b/c she is so strong both in body and mind -- she's our little Emily. :) Still, I look forward to the return of Jesus, when all of this sort of stuff will be over. Come soon, Lord Jesus, come soon!!


Nancy Lee said…
Yes! Lord Jesus, come quickly! We are ready!

We'll be praying for Emily's little body to be strong and resilient!

Nate said…
Indeed Mom - thank you for the prayers!