Family Fun

Well, we finally found one of our lost cameras -- it was strategically located in Annabelle's doll house. :0 Anyway, so there are some fun pictures from the Fall and a few from our recent SNOW!!!

Emily has been so happy lately, it is great. She's been babbling on and on and really enjoying life. Best of all, she has been well! We are set for some big appointments in the near future, so please keep us in your prayers. Our first appointment will be to Hopkins to get some measuring done for some bracing. Emily's body cannot support it's own weight in any way, so in order for her to get good support she needs a few braces. We plan on getting her into a power chair soon and these braces will help in that regard.

The next appointment will be a 3-day in-patient stay at Kennedy Kreiger Institute (KKI) where Emily will start infusion therapy to help her bone density. These therapies can be tough on our SMA kids b/c they can cause flu like symptoms, hence the 3-day stay. KKI wants to move fwd with the therapy, but does not want to risk any negative side effects happening at home. We are a little anxious about this, but Emily's bone density is very poor and she is at such high risk for fractures that we have to do something about it.

So, on to the pictures:


Shanna said…
Nathan and Diana this is Shanna, I want you to know that I am praying for Emily and your entire family. May God bless you.