Intubation - Pneumonia

Emily is intubated. I can't believe it came to this. Just Monday she was as happy as a clam. On the way to the ER last night she was satting the highest in two days, 98 on BiPAP, and giggling on the way. We get there and as we enter the ER she starts to drop. We started up CPT and coughing again and that was the end of it. Must have shifted gunk around to really make matters extremely worse. They had a very difficult time getting a tube.... ahh. I can't believe this. Her right lungs has very bad pneumonia and the docs kept commenting, "there is A LOT of stuff in there."

She is stable now, but on extra O2 and still under some of the anesthetics. I'm home getting some things. Poor Annabelle is sick too and was throwing up big time last night. She'll be home with her aunt while we are at the hospital. I have mid-term exams this week, this is just very frustrating (understatement).

We are tired. Please lift Emily up in your prayers. She has a lot of life left to live!!


Nancy Lee said…
Praying every minute! Mom
GS said…
Nate, Diana & family-

I'm praying for Emily & also for your strength this week! Thanks for keeping us up to date with this blog.

-Gin Stumpf (DePung)
Tricia said…
Thinking of Emily and praying hard for her and you and Diana. Also praying for Annabelle that she will be feeling better, too.

God bless Emily and give her strength!
Tricia and family
Lizzy's Nina said…
Nate and Diana:
Emily is in our prayers. Lizzy and I are saying a prayer for all the sick kids this morning. Stand your ground and DONT let them talk you into compromise. Changes are happening quick it sounds like so keep up the good work!!
God put SMA in our lives so we would fight for these kids. He knew we would make a difference and we have. These kids are beautiful and need our help to keep fighting for them.
Call me if you need anything and sorry I did get your first call today. My ringer was off upstairs. Sorry. Its back on so CALL me if you need any time.
Many hugs and Strength,
Jeanna, Christen and Elizabeth
Christy said…
Praying for you all.

Much love,
Joanna said…
i'm checking the blog almost every hour! how's everything going. as always, we're praying.
Nate said…
Thank you all very much for vising out blog and for your prayers. We are grateful to have such great family and friends. Emily's a special little girl! :)
jennifer said…
i just got out of the hospital about 7 days ago i was in the intensive care unit and i was intubated for double pneumonia. i had 3 diffrent doctors watching after me and one of them was an infectious disease doctor he kinda "tested" an anti fungal medication on me and it seemed to clear the pneumonia right up, the only scary part was bein put to sleep. i was put in a medicaly induced coma for 5 days i spent 13 days in the hospital all together... i had a hard time unsing my hands and fingers mostly all my motor functions and i had to figure out how to walk again kinda like how you learn to ride a bike again... with lots of faith in God and a lot of will power i was walking with help and soon there after by myself... so if your loved one is still sick in the hospital maybe this might be of some help and what you might could expect to happen during her treatment. please let me know how she is doin my e-mail is
but talk to an infectious disease doctor about the anti fungal medication.. it comes in an IV and hangs in a brown bag becasue it is sensitive to lite. andother thing to watch out for when she does come home... they put me on a ton of meds when i went home to finish my recovery and i developed a really bad rash... i decided not to go to the hospital for five days and then i went and found out that it was geting worse... they injected me with some meds for the rash an i went home and woke up the next morning with my mild body rash being a full blown extream head to toe welps and my skin hurt they gave me a new anti biotic and put me back on steroids... but they said what casued it was bactrum so if she is prescribed that after going home watch for changes in the skin and go straight to the ER if you notice anything changing in her skin becasue the rash i developed was very very bad. i guess i have been a victum of tril and error lately but im getting better rather quickly. but number one thing you must not do it give up faith in God because he can get her through this and she will be ok. i will make sure to keep your loved one in my prayers for you all. hope i could be of some possible help for her recovery. good night and God bless.
jennifer hudson