Merry Christmas!!

- Nathaniel, Diana, Annabelle, Emily, & Aunt Cindy


Joanna said…
beautiful! have a blessed christmas!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing the portrait. I hope Emily and ya;ll had a good Christmas.
Anonymous said…

I am not sure you will remember me but we went to Landmark and sung in choir together- I recieved my Landmark magazine today and I read the remarkable story of your family- I want you and your wife and sweet girls to know that I am praying for you all- I pray your had a Merry Christmas and hope you all are out of the hospital soon!

Prayers for your sweet girl,

Holly (Mathews) Driskell
Anonymous said…
Nathan and Family,

I got a prayer request through the Seoul Tres Dias Community.

As a father of an autistic child, I do know the helplessness one feels watching a child with disability. However, I no longer feel helpless since I lifted up my child to Him and He is the caregiver now.

Since then, my daughter is the reason for happiness and my faith. God has been so wonderful to my family and I see His grace through my daughter daily.

I am sure that Emily will grow up to be a fine and healthy child because He will be with her and your family.

I will pray for her along with the Seoul TD Community.

God Bless,

fotoajojo said…
Great photo of all of you! I just wanted to let you know that more photos are up on the website, go to photo/photogallery and it is the lead story.
The thanks go to you for sharing your lives with all of us, it is a very brave thing to do. Glad that Emily is doing better and hope she is home soon.

To all of the Lee's and Aunt Cindy, Merry Christmas, peace and joy to you all.
Also, could you post your SMA research organization of choice for donations?

Nate said…
Thank you all for visiting today and leaving us a note. We had some family up and it was a good day. Emily could have done better, but slow and steady...

I pray you all had a great Christmas!

Holly - I think that I do remember you, but I'm gonna have to break out the albums and look up some pics. :) Thanks so much for "stopping by" and for your prayers!

Charles- thanks so much for praying for us along with Tres Dias. Please pass on how we are doing and thank them for their prayers as well. :)

Joe- Thanks SO much for the pictures, Joe. We LOVE them -- really, they are a treasure for us. -- as far as my favorite SMA organization for "research" I'd have to say Otherwise I'd have to say the organization we are starting up - Eminnea, Inc at :)
Mary@notbefore7 said…
Beautiful shot! Merry Christmas you guys.

The Wilsons