1/2: Getting ready to transfer :)

Thank you everybody for your constant prayers and encouragement!

It looks like everything has been approved for the transfer. Hopkins is SOOOO fearful for Emily's airway that they are coordinating a team of THREE top Hopkins physicians to accompany Emily to WI. I have to wonder if it's a little overkill, but I am glad they are taking this so seriously and grateful for the physicians that are donating their time for Emily's sake. However, coordinating this effort will take some time, so it may be Monday before we are able to get in the air.

We are praying that the Lord will speed things up a bit so we can enjoy the services of the Children's Hospital in Madison.

Peace <><


Nancy Lee said…
Thank you Lord, for your tender care of Emily. So many favors, so much grace!

Anonymous said…
Emily and your family are always in my thoughts. Best wishes even as your 2008 gets off to a somewhat rocky start. Smiles ...
Kendra Otis, SLP
Nate said…
Thanks mom! You're our truest prayer warrior!

And thank you, Kendra, for visiting. Emily sure misses all your familiar faces and will be super glad to get back home to her teachers!!