1/5: Very encouraging changes

A quick note -- I am so excited today! An couple attending physicians we have only come to know in the last few days have been working closely with us on Emily's protocol and the discussions have been great.

I just had a discussion with the attending that will be extubating Emily tomorrow, Dr. Nelson, and she is excited about following Dr. Schroth's extubation protocol. She is using Schroth's "triage" scoring system to see where Emily is to determine how she looks for a successful extubation and she is comfortable following the fasting recommendations, cough assist pressures, and vent and biPAP settings that are recommended by Dr. Schroth. I just couldn't be happier about the way this is going. Emily is still experiencing some atalectisis in her right upper lung, so Dr. Nelson wants to talk to Dr. Schroth about what she thinks for extubation. All-in-all this is very encouraging and we are encouraged and comfortable with the plan to extubate tomorrow as long as everyone is in agreement that it is best for Emily given her continued right lung issues.

This is what we've really been pushing for and I can feel my body relaxing a bit as we finally are starting to see appropriate measures being taken for Emily's benefit.

Peace <><


Joanna said…
that is really wonderful news! we'll be praying that all goes smoothly!
Junior said…
Such good news, thank the Lord you have found a doctor who will do what is needed for Emily's care.
We will continue to pray for you all.
Sky said…
EXCELLENT News!!!! Im so lad you have brought some of the docs around, it sounds like everything should go good! Holding you all in our prayers!!! Sheila
Jaggers Family said…
We are praying for you all individually, in family devotions, and as a church. We look forward to your updates. In Christ, Kathy
Jaggers Family said…
We are praying for you individually, as a family, and as a church. We look forward to your updates. The Jaggers Family
Good luck and hope that everything will be well.