1/6: Emily's Extubated!!

... and I couldn't be happier about the events surrounding the process. Thank you so much, Dr. Nelson!!

For the first time in my life I have not had to fight about the extubation process for one of my children. I am walking on air right now. :)

Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes. We are looking forward to being home soon.

Peace <><


Anonymous said…
Congrats!!!!! We are so proud of YOU and your parents Emily! You are a very strong willed and adorable little girl. We hope to see you again in the near future.

Are you still planning on visiting Dr. Schroth this week or in the near future.

From you friend in Chicago,

Anonymous said…
Yeah!!!!! Nate, there is nothing better than to know they are taking care of your child CORRECTLY. Isn't it the best feeling in the world? Now, just get her home! Love you all!!!!
Sky said…
FANTASTIC news!!! Im so glad everything went good, I cant wait to hear your all home, it will be soon my friend :) hugs Sheila
Junior said…
Praise the Lord, what wonderful news.
Continued prayers that you can go home very soon.
MJ said…
Way to go Emily!
Michellee said…
That's so awesome!!! We're so happy for you guys and excited that some of that weight has lessened. Love you both! :)
Visha said…
way to go lee team! i am so happy you have been extubated and can get home soon. it must be a great feeling to have everything done as expected. take care, visha (richmond, va)
Anonymous said…
Thank you everyone for your support, prayers and encouragement! Seeing Emily off the vent and on her Bipap is such a great feeling! We are ready to go home! It's been hard on Annabelle, to not have her Emily, Mommy and Daddy at home, but Cindy, my sister, has been able to be at home with her, a tremendous blessing!
GO EMMA BOO!! Mommy loves you.
: )Diana
Anonymous said…
We are so thankful for this good news. We hope and pray you are home soon-

Rob and Yetta Nowak
mdmomof7 said…
The children will be so happy to hear this. They are always concerned for your Emily as we all are. This is a huge praise and I am so happy for all of you, especially little Emily! Go Emily!
Dahna from CPC
Nancy Lee said…
Can't wait to see her home in her own room again! This is a wonderful victory!