Approved for Transport!

I just talked with the transport Dr. and went over the details of the transfer.  Aetna approved two transport companies and Hopkins is negotiating business with them. They are having issues b/c Hopkins wants their transport team to accompany Emily yo WI, but apparently the vendors want their own team to go.  Argh!  Anyway, those negotiations are underway and there is nothing we can do about it.  Also, the Hopkins team is larger than usual b/c they want the most expert airway anesthesiologist to go with b/c he is the master of the bronch scope and was able to intubate Emily last week.  They are making sure that everything is in place in case anything happens to Emily en route.

This poses some issues though, b/c if he goes that means we probably can't.  So, if we cannot go Diana or I will have to fly up ahead of time to ensure one of us is seeing her off and the other is receiving her in WI.  That really sucks, but there is nothing we can do b/c the plane can only accommodate a certain amount of weight.  Anyway, they know we desire to go and I believe they will allow it if at all possible.  I am also pushing to allow an RT of our choice to go with b/c there are some awesome ones here. 

If the transport vendors won't budge that will make the insurance request drag on another who knows how many days, so we'd probably just extubate here and go home.  Hopefully we will be able to go b/c we think it is the right thing for Emily. 

Anyway, that's the update.  I have brought up the power issue to make sure that her cough assist will work in the plane or there is a back-up plan in case there are any issues.  Other than that we will talk a bit about sedation during flight, if we want it or not, and what sort of personal equipment we can send on the plane and then one of us will have to get up there in time to meet Emily there.  We still don't know when we're going, b/c of the negotiations with the transport vendors, but hopefully it will be Mon.

Peace <><


Anonymous said…
Nate--I heard Emily was in the hospital again and found your blog (I figured that you had to have one, if not an entire Emily Wiki! :) ). If you guys need to get to Wisconsin, I have a ticket on Southwest that you can use. I'll be TDY next week, but you can reach me by email, which is (substitute my first & last names) if you want it. Let me know if you need anything....

Nate said…
Wow -- thank you so much. I will email you offline.