Going home FRIDAY!!

YAAAYYY!!! We are scheduled to go home Fri morning!! :) :)

So, our time here is coming to a close. We are still adamantly impressing the need for a neuromuscular protocol for the Hopkins Children's Center and will continue to do so after we leave -- but we're outta here tomorrow. We'll get a follow-up with the Pulmonary physicians in a couple of weeks probably, but in the meantime we will be enjoying our time back at home.

Thanks for your recent comments on the blog and emails of encouragement.

Peace <><

PS - On a different note, (I can't write this post without mentioning it) please keep the Peacock family in your thoughts and prayers today as their son, here in the PICU, is losing his battle with Leukemia.


Andrew Peterson said…
Great news! We've prayed for you guys over the last few weeks. Hang in there.

The Petersons
Sky said…
So very very wonderful!!! Friday will be hear in no time at all! Cant wait to read all about being home!!! And Im so sorry to hear of the little boy and his fight with leukemia, we will hold his family and him close in our prayers and thoughts.

Good job guys! Sheila
Junior said…
wonderful news, so glad to hear you are going home soon. We will continue to keep Emily and your family in our prayers.
Anonymous said…
So glad to hear you are going home. I work with Nancy Lee. Your family is in my family's prayers.
Tricia said…
I pray that this message finds you settling in at home again with Emily! I am so happy that she is well enough to go home and that you will soon be settling back into a routine. I will pray for the Peacock family as well, and continuing to pray for Emily and all of you!

God's blessings,
Nate said…
Thanks Andrew -- remember how we listened to your cd a lot when Linnea was hospitalized? Well, one of Emily's new favorite videos is Veggie Tales' "The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's" and, of course, there you were singing at the end. It brought back a lot of good memories of our time with Linnea. :) Thanks for your continued prayers!
Nate said…
Thank you ladies that work with my mom -- I also hear that most, if not all, of you were involved in putting together Linnea's album. Thank you so much for that incredible gift and thank you for your prayers!