Taking Breaks

Emily had a good day. I've been back at work, so I don't get as much time with Diana and Emily, but the report is that she's doing well. She took three 1 hour breaks off the biPAP today and her oxygen saturation stayed right up there in the high 90's where it is supposed to be. Higher than normal actually. :)

We're not sure when we'll be coming home yet, but were working on it. Emily was getting respiratory treatments every 2 hours, but now we've backed off to every 3 hours -- the goal, in our minds, is to be Q4 so we can get home and continue her care with the family and our nurses. That's what we're praying for. I've been spending MUCH needed time with Annabelle in the evenings and we're very ready to be a family again. Annabelle's a real trooper, but she needs some normalcy for a change as well.

So, things are getting back to "normal" and it will be nice to get back into our routine. Feel free to drop us a note in the comments or via email: ndl@hopeforemily.com.

Peace <><


Sky said…
So very glad to hear all is going well, im sure Annabelle misses all of you and her little sis very much! Q4 sounds like a good plan!! Continued Prayers and Hugs Sheila
Connie Almony said…
As always, our family is still praying miracles, both big and small, for your family. Remember, God is even bigger and more powerful than Aetna ;o)!

Nate said…
Thanks for your prayers. We are hoping to be home by this weekend. :)
Junior said…
Keeping Emily in our prayers, so happy to hear she is doing better.