Easter Pictures

We're still here and kickin'! We've been hard at work on school, taxes, getting Emily some new braces for her legs and torso and surviving Annabelle's first Spring Break. :)

Emily is just great.
She is curious - always watching our every move -- starts "yelling" if she's not a part of what's going on -- trying super hard to get those words out. So far we've translated: up, uh-huh, uh-oh, again, go, 1-2-3-go, hi ---- and some other stuff I KNOW she is saying, but just can't figure out :/ I SOOOO want to figure it out b/c she LOVES it when I finally get what she is saying. :)
She is sweet - always smiling - letting Annabelle lay with her and rub her arms and ear lobes -- "talking" with Annabelle as she plays
She's got a sense of humor - always smiling and giggling - loves to play all the time
She's a snuggle-bug - let's us know when she hasn't gotten enough snuggle time -- just loves to be close to us :)

We've been working on getting Emily a good TLSO and DAFO (torso and leg braces). With the TLSO we are hoping to get her into a power chair. But, this process has just taken entirely way too long and we wonder if we're ever going to get into a chair. They want to see all kinds of progress and stuff - some things that Emily just may never do, but that doesn't mean she can't be in a power chair. Again, I think it's just b/c they don't see SMA kids as weak as Emily able to do the things she can... much less, SMA kids of her type that have lived this long without a trach!


So, other than taxes and school -- we had a GREAT Easter with my parents and cousin, Autumn. It's nice to have them close by for events like Easter. I got to play the trumpet and sing at church too, so it was a good, fulfilling day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ!! Check out the slide show for some pics of our Sunday:

God Bless you all!! We're thankful for our friends and family that do what they can to support us. Don't be afraid to drop us a line or call to say hello. We think about everybody out there quite a bit, but get so caught up in our ceaseless life.

Peace <><


Junior said…
Way to go Emily, keep on talking. You are all in our prayers.
Aiden's mommy said…
Nate, both girl looks great and happy! Aiden favorite works if no. He says it even when you are not talking to him!

Biggie Hugs,
Dawn and Aiden
Sky said…
Love the Easter pictures!!!! The girls look so cute and very happy. Love to see happy faces :) I dont see why Emily shouldnt be in a power chair, she would love it! if I come across another deal Ill give ya a yell. Big Hugs Sheila
Anonymous said…
Hey Nate and Diana! Love the splints, way cool! You will get her in a chair, i know it! Just tell them if my Kyle, a very weak type 1 can manuever one, emily definitely can! I have video on his website of him driving. Just show 'em! that's wonderful she can talk. Sometimes Kyle and I get frustrated b/c he can't and he makes noises trying to tell me stuff, but it doesn't work!
Nancy Lee said…
Fantastic videos! Love to see Emily growing up and communicating. We love her so much!