A gift

Another week has gone by and Emily has added a few surprises by saying "hug" and "up." It's the little things that are the best. We know she's using other ones too, we're just trying to figure them out. But oh man does she ever enjoy it when we get what she is saying!

We received a nice gift from an anonymous person or family this week. Included in the letter was a nice typed note and a gift certificate to get some gas. Someone knows that we LOVE taking Emily out in her van and make it a regular family affair every Sat afternoon. It's not only nice to get a little help with gas, but also to find out that someone noticed how they could provide for us in a special way.

Whoever you are, thank you so much for your gift!-- it is just what we needed and will provide many more van rides with Emily.


Peace <><


Lizzy's Nina said…
Hello Beautiful Emily. We just stopped by to see how you were doing. Many hugs, Jeanna and Lizzy
Nate said…
Hello you to you and beautiful Lizzy too - oh my goodness, we saw your latest video on YouTube - Lizzy's too cool! Sing it girl!!
CureSMA4Stella said…
It's so awesome when our kiddos can show us such awesome little surprises. It makes up for the difficult parts of our days of SMA. Yay, Emily! You will be excited to see all the colors of spring soon, Emily . . . we are hoping it's soon.
In our thoughts and prayers,
Sarah and Stella :) www.caringbridge.org/visit/stellaturnbullturnbull
Sky said…
Nate that is so great that someone sent that to you guys, how special! And I know what you mean when you say she gets excited when you figure out what she is saying. Im so happy for her and her new words (keep it Emily, you are doing so great) Big Hugs to you and your family Sheila
Junior said…
so neat that Emily is saying words, what a truly special gift. God bless
Nancy Lee said…
Oh-Oh! We're missing out! Didn't know Emily had new words! Can't wait to hear them with my own ears! Way to go Emily! We love you!

Visha said…
hi emily (and family)! we just stopped by to see what you are up to. i'm so happy to hear that your parents are FINALLY getting what you say (hehe, haha). they might be slow, but have patience... they will get it! i'm also excited to hear you got the anonymous gift card for gas. i'm sure you will enjoy those extra rides... especially with the nice weather starting to break. take care, and keep your parents on their toes. hugs. from taylor wallace (and family)>