24 hrs, no major desats

I didn't put this information up last time, but Emily's been giving us a hard time with her oxygen desaturations over the last week or so. :/ She'll be fine one minute, then next thing you know she's not breathing, at all. Totally unable to cough or anything, but obviously trying. Anyway, this had been happening once a day or more for a few days, until this last 24hrs +. We are not sure what the deal was, but we were giving her extra treatments and CPT (percussive therapy on her lung areas to loosen secretions) throughout the day and night to stave off any infections or colds coming.

It could've been the weather changing, it's been VERY nice here, or something else. She only had a fever one of those day, I think, so -- who knows. The good thing is she's doing ok and was happy through the whole ordeal despite these dramatic drops and scary times for her. Normally Emily's O2 saturations are >97%, or so, and she dropped as low as the 50's on a couple of occasions. That is scary - really scary.

OK - so we're doing ok. I'm doing some heavy looking for jobs in some other areas of the country b/c we are anxious to move. I guess I hadn't told some people that b/c I've seen some surprised faces when I've mentioned it lately, so -- WE'RE TRYING TO MOVE. :) We love the friends we've made here, but we've got to get somewhere cheaper and with medical care that we don't fear. So, I've applied for a few jobs here and there (you can email me if you want to know where) and we're just waiting to see what the Lord provides. As my dad reminds me, "man makes his plans in his heart, but the Lord directs his steps." A good verse, for sure.

Take care! -- Peace <><


Junior said…
I hope Emily continues to do better with her sats, how scary to have her drop so low(my little one has scared us with this also).
Emily is in our prayers.
cp4 said…
Oh man! I hope Emily feels better soon! Soooo... Where you thinking of moving?
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear Emily is doing better and hope that she stays that way. So where have you been looking for jobs?? GA???? We miss you guys!

LeighAnn and David too!
Nancy Lee said…
Hope Emily's not in the hospital long! That's a good place NOT to be!

Love, Grandma