A great day even though mom's away

We had a great day today, me and the girls. Diana is gone for a weekend of luxury at a Women's Retreat (I better add this in -- Diana was on a church retreat at a camp with ladies from our church), so we'll be expecting big things from her when she returns. ;) Just kdding - we're anxious to have you back. Also, Diana's sister, Cindy, was my helpmeet for the weekend as well as night nurses. I have to add this in so there are no unattainable expectations set on other SMA dads. :)

Who the heck knows what to talk about when mom's away anyway?! We just sorta sit around twittling our thumbs trying to think of a craft or something to do. Seriously though, we had a good day. B'day party, the mall, a van ride, a walk, and sleeping. Emily had a relaxed day that involved two decent naps. I think she aspirated some saliva last night b/c we had a bad situation where she suddenly couldn't breath and it took about two hours of cough assist, draining, CPT, cough assist, suction, etc, etc to get her back up to where she need to be, oxygen wise. Finally we removed some stringy stuff that she was finally able to cough up -- and then all was well. She and I slept all night and our nurse tended her night-time routine needs. Anyway, so I was relieved when she woke up happy and remained that way all day. In fact, 1.5 hrs after waking her and the morning routine she fell asleep with her biPAP OFF for like 2.5 hrs or so. I selfishly let her sleep off her biPAP for the ENTIRE time!! I was there ready to put it on if she stopped breathing, which she has done, but she did great and was obviously deep into her REM sleep. She was beautiful to watch sleep with no mask on her face. :)

So, the weather was beautiful again -- near 80 again! Crazy!

Ok - so that's a quick update. Thanks for checking in!


Tina said…
GREAT update Nate!!! I am so happy to hear that Diana is at a spa. I am a little, well a LOT, jealous, but I know she REALLY deserves it. I might try to figure out a way to do the same thing. Billy has never been alone with Ally overnight, but maybe we could convince our day nurse or my mom to stay to help with Ally. Even one night would be AMAZING. It is hard for us sma mommys to leave our little ones, but we do need to take better care of ourselves to be at our best for all of our kiddos.

Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job holding the fort. Tell Emily to behave herself. I hope Anabelle is having fun with all the exciting things you have done with the girls.

Talk to you guys soon,
Nate said…
:) Thanks for the note, Tina. Diana wasn't at a spa, unfortunately. She was at a camp on a church retreat with ladies from the church. :) She also got a scholarship, so we only had to pay for gas! She had a great time, though, and reportedly sang Kum-bay-ya!!
Sky said…
Lucky mama at the spa, I could use one of those myself.... I love that you and the girls had such a wonderful weekend, even with Emilys little reflux. I can just see you watching her sleep with out her bi-pap. Too cute, great post Nate I truly enjoyed reading it! have a great week Sheila
Nate said…
Ha -- I added in some more text -- look for the parenthesis. I would have loved to send Diana on a spa retreat, but she was on a church retreat sleeping in cabins. :/ She had a blast and was super glad to be able to get away. Thanks for the note, Sheila!!
Unknown said…
Wow, that's great that Diana could get some time away! My husband has never watch Emma for more than two hours! You're an amazing dad! I'm so glad you could enjoy daddy time with the girl today! Tell Emily to stop that stuff too! Take care and have a great week!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a good weekend for all. I look forward to going to the store! for my spa retreat! Way to go Dad! But, i find it sad that people are amazed that the dads actually take care of their children. Mike can totally take care of Kyle, maybe not MY way, but he does fine his way. I just pray that more dads and families can have that. Anyway, glad Emily is okay and didn't suffer any repercussions from her aspiration.