Pamidronate Infusion :: Day 1

So we are in he hospital for three days for Pamidronate Infusion therapy. Pamidronate is an IV drug that strengthens bone density. Emily has severe Osteopenia, which means her little bones are very fragile and highly susceptible to fractures. Pick her up the wrong way and something could snap. Not something we ever want to experience. About 1.5 years ago Emily did, in fact, experience a hairline fracture in her right arm, but we didn't know about it until it had already healed and she didn't really fuss all that much about it. Baby's bones are flexible and soft at that age, so it must not have bothered her all that much.

Anyway, Kennedy Krieger has been great and it is "comfortable" to be there (yeah right! It's still a hospital). We'll see how Emily does today. :)

Peace <><


Sky said…
Thinking of you guys and of little Emily, I hope she does great and all goes well. Sheila
del said…
Nathan and Diana: Very glad all is OK. She's a tough cookie and you two are superb parents! wish we couod be there!

Tina said…
Sending lots of prayers to Emily and your family ; )

Tina and Ally
Aiden's mommy said…
We are glad she is doing so well, so far! Hope you continue to have an uneventful stay!
Dawn and Aiden
Nate said…
Thanks, everybody, for your thoughts and prayers. Emily started getting a fever last night (see new post), so we're not sure if she'll get the third infusion today. Thanks for checking in and I'll try hard to get more posts up! - Nate
Van Lee said…
Hi, We are doing th eIV infusion this Friday 01-15-2010. Her second one. Did one in August 09. She had a fever but reovered and we went home next day. Thsi was on day three. How did you make out overall? Do you see Dr. Shapiro?