Pamidronate Infusion :: Day 2 and this morning

So day 2 was great until bedtime. The infusions didn't start until 4pm, or so, and they take 4 hours to complete. Around 10 or 11 Emily started to get a fever and this morning she is not feeling to well. She's at 102 and not happy. :( The doctors are figuring out what to do and they may not do the last infusion today, the third day. The plan was to start the third infusion first thing this morning b/c she's been doing so well and so we could go home as soon as it was finished.

Anyway, we'll see what transpires. Pray that Emily will get over this little hump and get back to normal quickly.

Day 2 involved a DXA scan of Emily's bones. Since there are no samples of 2 yr old's bone density they can only compare Emily's to 3 yr old bones or adults, so it's fairly inaccurate. Nevertheless, her bones are very small and very fragile. Her blood tests also reveal continued fluctuations in scoring. Apparently her thyroid is UNDERactive, which usually means that the person has a tendency to gain weight easily, but if you've ever seen Emily, she does not gain weight easily! She's so small and we are just now finally getting her to gain some weight. She's 2.5 yrs old and weighing in around 18 lbs - she's 35" long. So, the thyroid thing doesn't make much sense, but whatever. Some other blood level are off, I'll try to get those details up another time.

That's the news. Peace <><


Sky said…
sorry she feels icky Nate, but you said the side effects were flu symptoms (yuck) We will keep her in our prayers! Sheila
Unknown said…
I will continue to pray for Emily and for all of you too. I have been keeping track of little Emily ever since I read your article in the World magazine. Emily is a little trooper and is blessed to have such a wonderful family. God bless!
Lisa McWilliams
Tricia said…
I am praying for Emily to feel better soon so that she can finish up her therapy and you can all go home. Much love to you guys!
Unknown said…
I sure hope Miss Emily is feeling better today! She's always in my prayers! Hope she can go home soon!