Pamidronate Infusion :: Day 3 + Home

So I'm a day behind, but here's the update. We're HOME!

Thanks for your prayers. Emily had a pretty good stay and they did end up doing the last infusion despite her fevers and grumpiness. In three months we will go back for another infusion, but it will be a 1-day visit, rather than 3.

Like I said, Emily did get fevers from the Pamidronate, which was a possible side effect. She continued getting fevers throughout the night and also today, but all were treated easily with some Motrin. Tonight she is pretty grumpy and just wants to be left alone - and she has some blotchiness on her chest, probably from the fevers. All-in-all we think she's fine and it will just take a few days to get things back to normal. Additionally, Emily's blood lab results are off in some ways, Thyroid test not where it should be and Vitamin D is too low, so we'll add some supplemental vitamin D to her diet and test again for hypothyroidism next infusion treatment. If she is still low we will have to add thyroid medicine to her diet as well.

Anyway - that's sort of it for now. I've wondered what it is like for your bones to start strengthening. Denser bones, of course, weigh more - so we're wondering what that's like for a little girl like Emily. We'll be paying attention to see what we can learn from her.

Jobs - I'm still waiting to hear back on some jobs I've applied for out of the area/state. It could take some time, but thanks for the inquiries and I'll be sure to post when I've landed that dream job -- or anything other means of income in a place other than here. :)

Peace <><


Unknown said…
I'm so glad to hear you guys are back home! I hope Miss Emily is feeling better and back to her normal sweet self soon!
Glad things went well for the most part. Where did you apply for some jobs if I may ask?
CureSMA4Stella said…
I was so glad to hear Emily was home as I've been thinking about her so much!!! However, I'm sorry to hear you guys are headed to the ER. I will be praying, ok???

Hugs from Iowa,
Sarah and Stella

P.S. Any job opps in Iowa? HAHA! Hey, it's closer to Madison than where you are now!!!