The park and a pedicab

Hey - we've had a pretty good week I guess. It's been super busy with social stuff, but Emily's been able to be a part of it all, so that's great.

A couple of things going on with us -- Emily has a 3-day in-patient hospital stay at Kennedy Krieger Institute for IV therapy for her dangerously low bone density this coming week, so that will be taxing on her. The side affects are "flu-like symptoms," so that's not going to be any fun. Let's pray that she breezes through this just fine. Other than that Emily's been peachy.

We spent a couple of hours at a park that is new to us, right on the Chesapeake Bay. It has like 5 miles of walking/nature trails and is wheelchair accessible! :) We had a great time, but it was hot and she started to not have a great time until we got her back to the air conditioned van. Check out the pictures below.

Lastly, I've been trying to figure out a way to get Emily out and about without using the van or pushing her in her chair -- so I turned to peddle-power. It's green, good for the body, fun for the family, and easy on the pocket book. I've chosen to start out with a rickshaw (pedicab). It's basically a bicycle taxi, or a large adult tricycle, and I want to redesign the passenger area to accommodate Emily better. I'm thinking two bench seats, but we'll see what my legs can do with that configuration. There are some MUCH better rickshaws out there for thousands of dollars, but we'll see what we're able to do in time. This is a good start and will be lots of fun. :) Let me know your ideas if you have any.

Now, for the pictures ::

Peace <><


Unknown said…
That would be so cool Nate! I am so inspired by all your great ideas for the kids.
Unknown said…
Looks like you guys had a fun time. The bike is really neat too!