Admitted to ER @ Hopkins

We brought Emily to the ER Monday night b/c she started having some
symptoms that have lead to bad situations in the past. We've had some
major Oxygen desaturations in the last few days (had to call 911 while
on the road last Thur) and tonight she was moaning on exhale,
feverish, very unhappy, yellow secretions, etc. Those are all things
that we deal with regularly, but this time our gut said to take her

She's sleeping now and it is 0126. We're starting her on some general
antibiotics b/c of the issues and we'll be here through the A.M., at
least, to see Pulmonary. Her chest xray actually looks quite good and
they know us here, so they are amenable to our wishes and conversation
about Emily's care while we are here.

I'll keep updating here. Feel free to follow my Twitter updates on the
side of the page, and we can be reached via the "Call Me" button in
the sidebar. No headset or mic needed. :)

Peace <><

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Sky said…
Praying its a fast trip, and your all home soon, I hate when our kids get sick. LOTS of prayers headed your way guys love Ya Sheila and Sky
Christy said…
Praying for you all.
Nicholas Black said…

I will be praying for much strength for all of you in the midst of weariness and fear. May you all know Christ's caring presence, and especially Emily, who sees it all the time in the gaze of her Mom and Dad, who care for her with such passion.

Nicholas Black
Anonymous said…
Emily, and your family is in my thoughts and prayers. May the Lord send his healing hands upon you. Love, Julie
Aiden's mommy said…
Hoping that they can get Emily settled back into her normal routine! Big hugs! Dawn and Aiden
Nate said…
Thanks so much, everybody, for your comments, thoughts, and prayers. We are home and continue Emily's beefed-up schedule to keep her from getting any more sick. This has been a TOUGH year for the SMA community!