Back Home

We're back home and Emily is doing well. She is being treated for
Sinusitis and we are starting a new regiment of breathing medicine,
Flovent. We've got her on some general antibiotics for 14 days and
she'll get more treatments with Xoponex, a bronchodilator. Her xrays
looked good and, despite having spiked a bad fever again last night,
she is doing much better. I think it was good to take her in to be
observed and given some medicine in a non-acute situation since we
felt we were teatering on the edge of a disastor. This was a good
visit and gave us a boost of confidence in Hopkins.

Anyway - thanks for your kind notes. We're trying to get some rest now
while Emily's nurse keeps her safe. :)

Peace <><

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Sky said…
Glad you are all home, how is Emily doing with the flovent??? Skylar took that for a while about 2 years ago and he did not like it at all. I hope Emily will do good with it. Im so glad you guys have a great hospital, wish I had one!!! Ive asking Swaboda to come give a talk at our Childrens hospital. trust me they need it! Anyways im glad all is well and that everyone is good, Always saying a little prayer for Emily and of course all of you. Hugs Sheila
Mike Milligan said…
Nate, praise to our heavenly Father that it was just a quick trip to the hospital (and that the staff there is receptive to your input). I will keep praying for your little sweetheart.