Still here

No, we haven't fallen off the face of the earth. We haven't moved, and Emily has been doing well. We just never seem to have a moment to spare. Sooner or later I'll get Diana to post on here too, then maybe she'll have a new hobby. :)

In the meantime - we're just pluggin along. Emily has been doing so well despite some serious gas issues while she is sleeping. I think her congestion from the Spring's wonderful pollen makes her gulp air into her tummy or something, b/c a few nights have been pretty bad. Anyway, she has survived and all is "normal" for us.

Diana is in NYC with the girls from my family, having a blast at the American Girl Doll store, seeing shows, and that tall metal French lady with the torch. They'll be back in a couple of days and I'll be anxious to hear the fun stories, which I am sure Annabelle will be talking about for weeks on end.

I was enrolled in 13 credits since I am trying to finish my degree asap, but one of the classes wasn't working out, lucky for me!, so now I am taking a slightly different route, but it will still entail studying for some tests. Hopefully this thing will be done by mid-Summer. I did manage to finish my Associates degree, though, so - YEAH!

We're working a lot with Emily on communication. She's two, so tells us what SHE wants, but that's not always what WE want for her. She's crazy. Reminds me so much of Annabelle, which is fun. Emily will act like she doesn't understand you one minute, then be completely assertive about what she wants the next -- it's pretty funny. So, we continue to encourage her to use her voice to communicate, but we are also pursuing eye-gaze selection (picking one object over another by looking at it) as well. We REALLY need to get some additional therapies and devices too, soon. Pool therapy, a power chair, etc. There are check-boxes that KKI wants us to "prove" Emily can do first, however, but I don't totally agree with their methods (and lag time), so maybe we need to look elsewhere for technical assistance. We'll see.

Other than that - along with the search to move we are considering making an academic move and getting somewhere where I can pursue a Master's degree. Philly is on the list b/c there is a Seminary that I could attend and a good hospital for Emily. Yes, I said Seminary. If it is at all possible, I'd like to pursue an MDiv, but somehow focus on Experiential/Wilderness/Adventure-based education. That focus, or variation of, does not exist at Seminaries, but you never know...! :)

Peace <><


Sky said…
Im glad to read all is going good, you guys are always so busy. How long do you think before your done with school Nate? Ive thought about it, but realized it would take me away from Sky for to long, maybe Ill take some online classes. Anyways i hope Diana is having a wonderful time in NYC. Big hugs to you all Sheila
Nate said…
We are always busy - it's our nature I guess. :) I will be done in Aug or before. Phew! I will have completed something like 19 credits between Nov and Aug, so I am ready to be done. Diana and Annabelle are having a blast!

You could take A class at a time online or something. One at a time doesn't end up taking too much time.

Thanks for checking in. :)
Nancy Lee said…
Love the Masters Degree idea!

Anonymous said…
Dear Nate, just a note to say hello from Derna and Carl, the couple that helped you with your motorcycle. We contributed to Emily's fund and wanted you to know you and your family are in our prayer, sincerely, Derna& Carl
Nate said…
Well hey, Derna and Carl! Thanks again for all your help that day. Turns out my battery was dry as a bone, not good, and not sure how that happened. :/ The bike is running well now.

Thanks for visiting our site and thank you for your prayers. Maybe one day we'll see each other again, but not on the side of the road. :)