A good visit

Sorry for the delay. Our visit to Senator Mikulski's office went well. We were there with representatives from the four major supporters of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) research for a cure: FightSMA, FSMA, MDA, and the SMA Coalition. The meeting went well and we shared our story. :)

Let's hope and pray that meeting like ours happen regularly, where needed, and legislation is passed to empower research to find a cure for SMA.

The SMA Treatment Acceleration Act will provide the next level of national coordination and therapies for persons dealing with this horrible disease. Experts are confident that we are very close to finding a cure for SMA, yet research is sorely underfunded from our government. Additionally, research for SMA will benefit other forms of Muscular Dystropy, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), and various other incurable diseases.

We're anxious to see this pass!
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Sky said…
Im so glad to read all went well!!! Hugs to the girls from Sky and I Sheila
Anonymous said…
Is there a specific congressman or something we could write a letter to in support of this act? I'd be more than happy to, and I'm sure the rest of my team would as well ... Let us know. ... Kendra, SLP
Nate said…
Absolutely! Letters can be addressed to Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D), and I can give you some ideas for what to write, if anyone else wants to write that would be GREAT!
Victoria Strong said…
Congratulations on your meeting. I hope it was successful and that you representative will feel moved to action. My husband and I started a petition to lobby Congress. I thought you may be interested. www.PetitionTo CureSMA.com. Please pass it on to anyone willing to take a moment to support the SMA Treatment Acceleration Act. Thanks.