Yeah for pictures!

Well I've gotta some fun pictures for you all this time. :) A quick update, though. Emily's doing GREAT! Ever since we figured out the allergy stuff she's just been doing really well. Trying extra hard to talk and being very verbal otherwise.

By this time tomorrow we will have met with our county representatives to decide Emily's Individual Education Plan (IEP), which many disabled families dread. I think we're going to come out ok, however, with all the plans we'd like to see for Emily to start Preschool this Fall! Don't worry, we'll always be with her. :)

So, Annabelle's finishing up school, I'm finishing up school, Diana and Cindy are both going to be starting school this Summer/Fall -- busy busy busy. All in all things have been pretty good and we thank God every day for the time we have with Emily.

In fact, things have been going well enough that Diana and I are about to head out for a 24 hr getaway, while Emily is cared for by her nurses and her aunt Cindy. -- first time getting away overnight in nearly three years, no joke.

On to the pics!!!

Linda and Beth, from Cole's Quilts, made Emily this beautiful quilt and delivered it to us a couple of weeks ago. Thanks so much you two, and Cole's Quilts. Check out their site if you haven't yet!

Hangin with mommy in the kitchen, you know, eating celery and stuff. :)

Apparently she likes Pepper's. And bright yellow one's. YUMMY!

One of our favorite smiles in the whole wide world!

Peace <><


Sky said…
Beautiful quilt, Skys is almost done too, we cant wait to see it. Emily looks GREAT!!! Love all the pictures and of course her wonderful smile. Im so glad things are going good!!! Hugs Sheila and Sky
Unknown said…
Oh, I love the pictures! Emily is such a doll! I love her precious smile! I swear it could light up the world!

It's so good the here the princess is doing so well! Good luck with the IEP and I hope you guys enjoy your mini vactaion too! Take care!

Lizzy's Nina said…
The quilt is just beautiful!! Emily looks great. We will not be going the Philly. We can not afford the gas prices. Lizzy is finally pretty much baseline as of today. This illness took FOREVER!!
Hope you have good trip and Love Emily's pictures!!
Nancy Lee said…
We love our pretty little Emily! What a dolly! She is communicating too! What a great life you are providing for her. So much love!
Anonymous said…
Sure miss your sweet precious girls but it is wonderful to get pictures. Let us know how the pre-school arrangements go. That is exciting! Praying for an incredibly blessed summer fo y'all. Aunt Mari