Emily's 3 yr party :: July 2008

We had a great party again this year. We had 90 somethin people in attendance from 5 different states -- all for Emily! :) God has really blessed us with friends that care for us and Emily - these parties are our way of hosting some of the folks that have been a help over the last few years and more. I wish we could always include EVERYONE that has been an encouragement to us and loving fans of Emily. So, without further ado - the pictures!


Eric said…
Tell Emily I said Happy Birthday! And I wanna come next year!

Oh, and I need more Nickel Creek in my life--thanks!
Dawn and D.J. said…
Awesome photos! I'm totally doing the slip and slide next year (whether or not it's socially acceptable for a 28-year-old to do so)!
Anonymous said…
Nate -- Loved the video of the party -- you guys throw quite a shin dig! Thanks for sharing

Hugs - The Sykora Clan
Anonymous said…
Nate- Give Emily a big happy birthday for me. You commented on my blog about a week ago. I just wanted to say thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We got Cornelius' test results back on Monday. He tested positive for SMA. We are doing well considereing the news that we got. The way our doctor explained it to us, they don't really classify it in types; however, she said as of right now she would consider him a type 2. We won't know more until they test his swallowing and he goes to the polmonologist. I also wanted to say that we would appreciate any advice that you could give us. Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.