Hit the deck!

I would never say that home repair is a hobby of mine, but looking at the last two years it sure seems like it. Finished basement, laminate flooring, kitchen redesign, wash and stain deck (which I will NEVER do again... if I can help it), some landscaping, etc..... :: most of which I could NOT have done without the help and guidance of incredible friends. Thanks to all who have helped me not completely screw up these significant projects!!

So to keep from getting lazy (and maybe a wee bit of ADD), I continue thinking of new projects. The latest is building a lower level deck beneath our existing second story deck. Seemed simple enough, and thanks to Chrystopher it won't be another unrealized dream. (I do realize that my eyes and heart can be bigger than most of my abilities in the area of home repair, but God always provides a good friend to help make my ideas work out. :))

Now, the great thing about this deck is that it will give us the ability to sit out back, out of the sun, as a family. We'll hang a bench swing and I'll probably put up a bolt for Emily's swing. With power access on the deck we can bring her equipment down too, if need be.

- Emily's doing pretty good, but fighting a cold or something right now. She's generally pretty happy, but requires some extra work, on top of routine care, to keep her O2 sats up where they need to be. She'll be 3 in just a few days!!! Incredible. :*)

Peace <><


Unknown said…
Hey Nate, want to do another kitchen job!!!
Tina said…
Glad to see you are keeping busy Nate. I will be praying that Emily's cold goes away VERY quickly with the extra treatments. It's soooooo exciting that she is going to be 3 soon. Happy Early Birthday from Ally and I!!!

Your Chicago Friends,
Tina and I
Tina said…
OOPs, I meant to sign ....
Tina and Ally

It's still early for me.
Nate said…
Sure, Jeff - I'd love to help. I have to admit that the kitchen is what I received the most help on, however. :/ That can be messy business if you start knockin down the wrong walls. :o
Thanks for stopping by, Tina!