Planks and Screws

I wasn't going to work on the deck today, but I couldn't help it. All I have left it laying the planks and screwing a million deck screws. But, the satisfaction of seeing the deck surface grow is tremendous, so I had to keep going. 11 rows today.... 20 or more to go.

Peace <><


Hi, My name is Lindsey and I have a son with SMA type I. He is 7 months old. I love to look at your Emily and see how she is doing. She is beautiful. Your family gives me so much hope and I always feel better when I look at your blog. I have some questions and was wondering what would be the best way to ask them if you wouldn't mind. I didn't know if this was the best way. Maybe email? Anyway.. Thanks for posting and you can check out Jonas on his
Nate said…
Hey Lindsey! So glad you are enjoying the posts and they are encouraging to you :) I took a look at your blog and added it to my "reader". Jonas is a handsome little boy!!

Please feel free to contact us ANYTIME, seriously. Click here to send us an email, or you can actually call us using the "Call Me" feature on the right of this blog. :0 A cool little feature that rarely gets used. You don't need anything special to use it.

I'm not sure if you know about SMASpace yet, but it is social networking site I built just for the SMA community -- it's a great way to read up and connect with other families too. Hope to hear from you soon. Peace <><
Nancy Lee said…
It's lookin' good! Wow! What a creative guy! You're really increasing the value of your house! Good job!
Tricia said…
It is looking good! Good work! Hope you get through it quickly and with as much ease as possible!


P.S. Happy early birthday to Emily tomorrow!
Murphy's Law said…
Nate, what a gorgeous video you created for a gorgeous little girl. I'm so glad you shared this with all of us. You have such wonderful pictures of your beautiful family.

Happy Happy Birthday to YOU, Emily Hope!

~The Potter family
Mark, Laurie, Murphy, & Anders
(& Marshall too ^i^)
Nate said…
Thanks everybody, for your encouragement. As you can see in the latest post, I did finish the deck in time for the party. :) Thanks for stopping by Potter family!!