Work, or something, caused me to not post about Linnea's would-be-5th-birthday on Fri, Aug. 15. I wasn't sure if that was good or what. Maybe we've come far enough that we don't have to memorialize her B'day every year, but, we're not there. It's bugged me that I haven't put something up - like I'm cheating the memory of her or something. It's a mess of emotions. :/ We miss her, and speak of her often. Annabelle dreams of her, and everything from smells, to music, to events... everything reminds us of her. Our life with Emily is a continuation of our life with Linnea, but we still have Emily - after 3 years. :)

One day we believe that we will see Linnea again. Not in a mystical sense b/c it makes me feel good or something, but b/c we believe the Bible makes that clear. While I can't say anything with 100% certainty, it is our hope that what we believe logically, will be true in reality. Not b/c we believe it, but b/c God is good and keeps his promises. :)

So, here's a past slideshow of Linnea. I didn't put any music to it. I want to, but I don't think I will b/c it will never be good enough for our memories of our second precious girl, Linnea.

Peace <><


Tina said…
Nate and Diana,
Thinking of you and your family. It was nice watching the slideshow of Linnea. I see so much love in it and I know that love continues. Happy Birthday to Linnea in heaven! She is an angel.

Your friends,
Tina and Ally
Joanna said…
She's beautiful. Thanks for sharing that.
CureSMA4Stella said…
Happy Birthday angel girl! Such a beuatiful tribute to a special little girl. You guys are just amazing people to have gone through what you have and the love you continue to pass on to other SMA families is awesome! We really hope we get to meet you sometime!
Sarah and Stella and family
Sky said…
Nate and Diana

Linnea is and always will be so beautiful, and I believe that you will see her, hold her, kiss her face again. but I also believe that she is with you guys always, and through her life she has taught you all so much, and that she is Emilys gaurdian angle. Happy 5th Birthday Linnea!!!! Many Hugs to you guys Sheila and Sky