Sunday, September 21, 2008

Remembering Linnea Grace

It was four years ago,
on this 21st day,
that our Lord took her away.

She's always in our hearts and mind : but more importantly, she's perfectly in Heaven with our Creator and Provider of all things good! Thank you Lord for the blessings You provide, and for the wonderful time we had with your child, Linnea.

Peace <><

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Walking" in the pool

I wanted to share Emily's latest accomplishment -- "walking" in the pool. Check it out. For those of you that know us this is pretty fun to watch, considering how the last two Winters have gone for us. I want to send it to all the naysayer Docs out there that think that all we do for our kids isn't worth it. Emily is in pre-school at a special needs school in our county. She attends 4 days/week for a few hours. Two times a week she gets to use the pool. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Status Update

We're alive and well. Emily has started preschool and she is loving it! She's learning to take turns, so that is pretty funny. Other than Annabelle pretending they're in *real* social environments, Emily has never had to take turns with other kids. She gets a switch that says something like "let me see" and she hits it over and over when the teacher is do something with someone else. Too funny. She attends a special needs school in our county that is quite phenomenal. They mainly deal with sever cognitive delays, but at this point I don't think it matters all that much. They are able to accommodate Emily, her nurse, and Diana in a class with other kids, so it's great for now. She gets pool time 2x's a week and there are therapists there to try out chairs and standers -- it is what we have needed. I'll try my best to get pictures up soon, b/c I am sure my writing bores the poo out of yoo.

Annabelle has started 1st grade and is doing very well. She THRIVES in the social settings -- apparently that is genetic, but the jury's still out on that one. :) She's learning SOOOO fast and it's so fun to see. Plus, she's not afraid to show what she's learned, so that is a blessing. We're starting her in soccer this Fall and her first practice is Sat - so I'm a proud daddy. Next we start piano, but we have to get a piano. :/

Diana and I are plugging along. She's FULL-TIME involved with Emily, especially now that Emily is going to school 4 days/wk for 4 hrs -- it's tough and she is more tired than usual. She's a good mommy. I have been hired for a part-time job to make some extra bucks to pay for the gas to and from Emily's school -- so, life goes on. Not that we have any "extra" time for stuff, but it's amazing what you can find yourself doing to make ends meet, like Diana's sacrifice of sleep. I don't know how she's does it.

Anywho - things have been exciting, it's just been hard to get them out of my head. We're dealing with some bad gas issues with Emily and we're not totally sure what it is, but that's the ebb and flow of regular medical stuff that we deal with. She's had a couple of bad reflux's where she aspirated, but we got her all cleared out after a week or so each time. It's scary, but it's the way things go. She has just been so fun anyway, that we sorta forget the hard times.

Over the last few months Emily has suddenly become a little toddler. Not that she wasn't, but she has defined herself, I think. While she still can't get words formed for us to understand, she definitely gets her point across.

So - all-in-all things are good. Maybe a little on the too busy side, but ok nonetheless.

How have you been? Let us know!!