The Beach!! <;)

Yup - we spent three nights at Rehoboth Beach in DE and it was great. Emily was already on antibiotics when we left, but all was well. We just continued her respiratory routine "on the road." Best of all, our newest nurse Krissy, and her husband have become good friends and they spent the weekend with us - even let us go on a date. Yeah, we just sat and stared at each other - actually we made fun of each other by smearing our faces using the FaceMelter app on my iPhone. So we ended up crying... but from laughter. And made our usual stop at the nearest Thai restaurant for some Southest Asian goodness. Yum Yum. No, that wasn't the name of the dish - the food was tasty. :) Here's a slideshow from our web albums:

Other than that - Emily continues to fight with something. Her O2 saturation will suddenly drop into the 80's with a horrible cough and some anxiety. We're getting big green thick plugs out of her, but otherwise she's happy - not miserable like when she was younger. So, we're working through it and sleeping attentively - yes, that is an oxymoron, but that's the way it is.

Annabelle's getting pretty good at her 1st grade reading, Diana is making some awesome earrings to raise money for Emily's Medical Fund and for SMA research (more to come on this), and I am working an additional part-time job and finishing my last stinking credit for school. Heh - don't even ask when all that happens cause I'm not sure.

Peace <><


Sarah Jean said…
Your family is so beautiful Nate! What a blessing!
Kimberley said…
Looks like you guys had a fantastic time! Loved the pic of you with a mandolin. I play the fiddle and have dabbled a bit with the mandolin! Prayers Emily feels better soon, it's no fun being sick. The gang from Nova Scotia.
Anonymous said…
Great vacation! We all need those moments and days away. What a blessing to have found a great nurse whom you can trust.