Holy Canoly -- It's been almost a month. I am a bad blogger. :/

A quick run-down:
  • I re-launched a new SMASpace for the SMA community. Check it out! www.smaspace.com
  • We are leaving today (Thur) for a 4-day weekend at the beach: our longest "vacation" in about 6 years!
  • We're scrapping our Honda. Repairs are more than the cars worth.
  • Emily's been kinda sick for about a week. :/ Nothing real severe, but you never know how these things are going to manifest themselves. Plus, she misses a lot of school with the combination of being sick and a lack of nursing staff.
  • I will be starting a part-time job soon.
That's about it for now. We're enjoying life as it comes. You do the same! :)

Peace <><


Anonymous said…
Have fun on vacation! We will pray that Emily stays well for the entire time! We have a Honda Civic and LOVE it! Good luck on the job as well.
Sky said…
have a good trip guys!!! I hope Emily is feeling better and she stays well, especially while away. Sheila
Nate said…
Thanks! Unfortunately, we went into this weekend with Emily already on antibiotics and she's gotten a little worse. Oh well, we'll see how things go.