I have some pictures to put up but I've been slammed at work. There are more in our PicasasWebAlbums -- and here we go (there are some short thoughts at the bottom):

Veggie Tales Live

Emily and Mary -- Soooo fun to meet the Nelsons!!

Bob Ross, 50's girl, and our two cats

Nurse Krissy time!!

Daddy time

Fun at the farm with Mommy

Visit from our good friend Barry

Some sleepy time

Heehee -- fuzzy. :)

Annabelle's self portrait :)

The latest is that the company I work for is dropping the only insurance plan that covers Emily nursing and some of her DME. So, I will most likely be switching to another company very soon in hopes of finding the coverage that we need. This part is really not fun b/c insurance companies will say "sure, we cover that" and then they don't. So we are strategizing and figuring out what this means for us.

Also, Emily's been sick for over a month now -- three kinds of antibiotics and lots of night-time mucus plugging. Please keep her health and our sanity in your prayers. We DO NOT want to end up in the hospital this year!! :) Emily's fighting it with style and grace, but being completely helpless certainly makes that tough. :/ She's our little hero.

The rest is business as usual. -- not sure what that means, but I guess it's true.

Oh, Annabelle went to a sibling workshop at Emily's special needs pre-school this evening and watching her just reminded me again of what a blessing she is to us. Siblings of special needs kids are A-Mazing! Seriously. I can't imagine myself at that age having as much grace and poise in the midst of some truly frightening experiences as we have had in our home with Linnea and now Emily. Annabelle is special kid. :)

Peace <><


Aiden's mommy said…
We hope Emily feel better real soon!
Biggie hugs,
Dawn and Aiden
Tina said…
Thinking of you guys. Loved seeing some new pics. Wish we lived closer so that we could take some with you and have the girls play together. Maybe that new job could be in Chicago or WI. Let's try to catch up on the phone soon.

Sending lots of prayers for Emily and your family.

Tina, Ally and Family
Nancy Lee said…
Annabelle is awesome! I love her!
Anonymous said…
The siblings are so special and I feel like I leave Tyler sometimes, but they don't even complain. What a life and maturity they have for someone so young. I can't wait to see them as older adults and having the knowledge they do! Praying miss em kicks this thing soon. have you ever tested for pseudomonas?
Mary said…
Love all the new pics!
Sorry to hear Emily is still sick. Jenna has had something for the past couple weeks too. Real thick clear/white junk. Dimetap seems to be helping so that is good. Sending big hugs and many prayers! Mary