So - we've been having issues for a while here - Emily's doing very well, btw.

We've had these strange situations where Emily will wake up gasping and stuff -- very puzzling. Plus with the long sickness and stuff it's been weird.

Well - we discovered the other day that herBiPAP backup respiratory rate had somehow been set to 10 (vs the usual 25) and NO ONE has any clue when that happen or how. That BiPAP has recently come back from getting serviced a couple of times, but we set the settings ... or did we?! Ugh. Chances are we probably, for some unknown and insane reason, didn't reset her backup rate to the normal 25.

So, I think we can attribute some of these complications to this -- Emily will stop breathing when sleeping, we've seen it before. So, falling into good sleep at only 10 breaths/min could cause some issues. We're just glad she's doing as well as she is despite such a dumb mistake. It's strange when something like this happens b/c we're so meticulous with her care and equipment that we were immediately stumped -- like it'd be easier to think someone came in and sabotaged our BiPAP b/c we just don't do stuff like that ! Ha.

Anyway - thought I'd share our dumbness -- go check your equipment settings now (or if you're not an SMA family remind someone you know) - I know we'll be doing it more carefully from now on. {eyes rolling}

Peace <><


Tara Wafer said…
Just wanted to say I've followed your family for a long time now. And while I do not know you personally, you all are a wonderful Godly testimony to me. Everytime I think I'm going through a trial, I look at the strength God has given your family, and it gives me more strength. So, thank you! God is using you all in ways you probably don't even know! And I am so glad you were able to figure out some of Emily's issues... even if it ended up being due to parental "dumbness." God bless you all through this cold winter time. Love in Jesus, Tara Wafer