Emily has RSV :/

Hey all,

So, on our Christmas trip back from Nashville we had to make an ER visit for Emily. She has RSV. :/

We're still 6 hrs from home at this point. Not sure what we're gonna
do about this.

She doing relatively well, but we're getting lots of thick secretions out of her and we pretty much have to do all her treatments here at the PICU bc they can't hear her from their stations and all. Nice thing is they don't mind us doing what we need to, while Hopkins always fights with us.

Anyway, your prayers are welcome :)


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Kimberley said…
OH Lee Family, I am so sorry to hear this. Prayers heading your way from Nova Scotia!!! I hope you can get some support there to help take care of her.
Anonymous said…
lifting you up to our Heavenly Father...
Tricia said…
Glad to hear that they are working with you and allowing you to do what you need to do for Emily. I will be praying for Emily, and for you, Diana, and Annabelle, as well.
Anonymous said…
Call if you need me.
Standing by.
Sky said…
Sending you guys lots of prayers! Im so glad they are working with you on her care! fast healing Emily!!!! Hugs Sheila and Sky
Monica said…
Just hearing the initials "RSV" send shivers up my spine. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated.
Barb said…
You will, of course, have prayers from the entire SMA community, not to mention all the others who know of your family and special daughter.
Nana Barb