Nursing Coverage :: 1st issue :: Update

A quick update for anyone that is following.

After MANY MANY phone calls making it unequivocally clear that I was NOT pleased with the direction this nursing situation was going the contract that was written for a new agency has been put on hold and our current nursing has been extended through 12/23. This gives us time to 1) find a new agency, or 2) work something out with our current agency that will work for everyone.

We have to make a decision SOON, however, b/c everybody wants to put ridiculously restrictive time lines on us. Find a new agency and get our nurses transferred over to the new agency in... say, 1 day. Yeah right.

Anyway, they know that I will not sit here and let people make decisions for us without our involvement, so I think that is half the battle. We are not idle by ANY stretch of the imagination. The day ended with some good conversations and we are hopeful to have an appropriate plan of OUR choosing by early next week.

Thanks for your concern and prayers.

Peace <><


SteveGreen01 said…
Nate, I am sorry for the turmoil this is putting you all in, but grateful for the way you take care of Emily. We are praying that God will bring about the best outcome and that Emily will be well cared for. We are also praying for your encouragement and strength in the process.
Good to hear the momentum is shifting in your direction. Stay vigilant! God is with you!
Nancy Lee said…
I ditto Steve Green! Praying for you!
Nate said…
Thank you Steve, Chapmans, and Mom -- Thanks for your prayers. :)