Nursing Coverage :: 1st issue

Oh no you don't! Don't EVER EVER EVER make decisions about my daughter's life without my consent - EVER! I'd prefer you strap weights to my ankles and throw me in the ocean. DO NOT mess with my kids!

Care First has taken it upon themselves to select another nursing agency... to start tomorrow, without our approval! Oh, and by the way, the new nursing agency informed us that Care First will only cover night nursing as of 1/1/09. What gives them the right to make these decisions and inform other people without our consent? I didn't authorize anyone to pass on Emily's medical information to ANYONE! When they come down and spend spend some time with Emily MAYBE then they can make some decisions on their own, but probably not... ever. Until then Care First better get their ducks in a row b/c it AGAINST THE LAW to pass on information without our consent - and I don't think I've passed on any signed papers to give them permission -- much less any sort of anything that gives them the right to make decisions about my daughter's life and well-being without my consent. Got it?!

As of now Care First does not authorize our current nursing agency to continue staffing after today. If you have ever dealt with nursing (especially connected with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)) you can imagine how I feel. If you haven't --- hit yourself in the gut and then the head with a hammer... repeatedly... now imagine that is some random person you don't know is doing it and there's nothing you can do to get them to stop... they want you to give up. That's what it feels like.


Tricia said…
My thoughts and prayers are with you! How devastating! I hope things get worked out quickly.
CureSMA4Stella said…
Oh no! I can imagine how you feel right now and I'm ticked for you!! I'll be praying things get straightened out for precious little Emily! I'm so glad you have a paper trail!
Sarah and Stella
Anonymous said…
I feel your pissedness (I made that word up just for you!). People have no brains. I'm so soryy--they are just wrong for doing that. I don't feel sorry for the wrath that they will be receiving from you!
Visha said…
that is SO out of line! i am sorry to hear that you are having to deal with this! although i have a great night nurse now, i think home health care is for the birds. there are only a select few of people that actually care... best of luck getting this resolved. you have got a pretty good argument on your side (but do you EVER have all the energy it takes sometimes - UGH!) anyways, i'm praying for a good outcome.

Mike Milligan said…
Nate, that is just unbelievable! She agrees Emily needs the nursing care, but not for the next three weeks! That's absurd! Go over her head and teach them not to mess with Papa Bear's little girl.

As always, I'll be praying for a speedy resolution.
Anonymous said…
Wow, I hope Linda and everyone at Carefirst have a Merry Christmas because they aren't going to like the start of 2009 when you get done with them! Having worked in the insurance world before, I can honestly say they don't give a crap about the people they cover! I'm praying for you guys!

Jenny Wilson
Nate said…
Thanks for your support, our good friends! We're working things out - Thankfully God made me a very articulate person, especially when I'm upset like I was. I was able to be calm, but very strong and straight forward with the people I needed to - there was no doubt what they needed to do and we hope to have things worked out early Christmas week. We'll see. Thanks for your comments and prayers.