Selected by elimination

We we've decided to go with the Pediatric nursing agency, Home Health Connection (HHC), for Emily's nursing needs.  I wasn't sure which way to go until I learned of the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). The higher-class agency is not JCAHO accredited, so that made the decision easy.  

We are set to start services on the 24th, but we're heading out of town so that will give our nurses some time to get on board with the new agency --- yep, we have some great and committed nursing for Emily and they want to "follow" us to the new agency. :)  We are very grateful for them, indeed.  

Care First started this new relationship with HHC by telling them that they were going to put a 6-month hold on paying them for services, however. I wanted to scream.  Apparently the Med. Director of CareFirst has said that will not be the case, but HHC has to have it in writing before they can start on our case.  Hopefully that will be supplied by Tue morning sometime.  

So, that's the scoop.  There are inevitably more battles to be fought.  Next will probably be whether or not we get nursing during the day b/c CareFirst probably only wants to pay for nights -- when we could really use day and nights like we did with Linnea.  If these people would come and see Emily we may not be having discussions like these.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.  This transitioning has been frustrating and frightening.  

Peace <><


Steve said…
Nice work with the research to make a wise decision on a nursing agency. Now lets pray that Care First and HHC are able to settle their differences quickly. Merry Christmas! :/