JCMC: Day 11 :: Talk of going home

Yesterday, Day 10, was a good day.  We had some major plugging in the evening, but got through it ok.  I experienced something new with Emily that we've heard about and other parents have talked about, a "vagal" response when deep suctioning.  Emily usually doesn not let us get the suction catheter down her airway very deep, so when we suction down her nose it is usually about 13 on the catheter.  Well, yesterday I was able to get down deeper, near 20, and was able to get A LOT of junk out of her lungs.  However, Emily's heart rate and oxygen saturation dropped suddenly and she couldn't breath while the cather was down that deep, understandably.

Anyway, a vagal response is when the heart rate and oxygen saturation drop suddenly.  Vasovagal actually leads to fainting.  Even though I knew what it was, it made me a little nervous b/c it never happens with Emily, but I know that it happens frequently with SMA kids when they are pooping and/or when they are being suctioned. 

OK - anyway - the Dr. came in today and suggested we just head home tomorrow.  We feel more comfortable with a target day of Saturday.  We still need to ween her oxygen so she gets back to room air, and we are still getting plugs out of her lungs.  We'll see.  The plan, for now, is to head home on Saturday.  YAY!

I think that's it.  Hoping to go home soon.  

Peace <><


ryanandkate said…
We are thinking of you guys and hoping things are good enough to go home Saturday.

Hugs and prayers,
The Nelson's