JCMC: day 12 - Upon going home

Tomorrow's (Sat) the big day!  We've been planning our getaway all day and we're taking turns getting a few zzz's tonight.  My dad flew down and will be doing the driving (THANKS DAD!), so Diana and I will get to rest a bit on the trip.  It's supposed to be sloppy all the way up with snow, sleat, and rain, so we're praying for a SAFE trip back with no incidents for Emily, the van, or anyone else. 

Rather than typing a HUGE THANK YOU to the folks that have helped us during this time, please see the video below:


CureSMA4Stella said…
What a nice Thank You from the Lees! I am cracking up though because it's so hard to concentrate on what you were saying when Emily is having so much fun with the nose sucker! She's such a sweetheart and Diana and Nate, you are looking so great! Glad you will be heading home soon to be with Annabelle and we'll be praying for safe uneventful journeys!
Hugs from the Turnbulls www.caringbridge.org/visit/stellaturnbullturnbull
Anonymous said…
Hey Diane and Nate its Kristen from Respiratory! I'm so glad to see that your going home! I just want to say first of all thank you for taking the time and patience to teach us about SMA as you know we don't see many patients with SMA! You and Emily have been such a blessing to me! It was so good to see Emily without her bipap, something we didn't get to see much of! She is a special little girl, a beautiful little girl that has some great parents! I will continue to pray for you all and I pray that you have a safe trip home! May God continue to bless you as you have blessed me!

Kristen RT JCMC
Mike Milligan said…
Nate and Diane, I am so glad God blessed you with a good staff in JCMC and helpful fellow Christians in the local church. I am praying for a calm and safe remainder of your journey home.
Aiden's mommy said…
What a cute thank you! But like Sarah I was watch a little too much Emily! She is so cute! Have a safe trip home!
biggie hugs,
Dawn and Aiden
jennifer G said…
Yeah Lees!!! Have a safe drive home.
Monica said…
I'm so glad you're going home. 12 days is a long time in the hospital. I love that the CoughAssist was prominent in the background of your video. It was really fun to see Emily's great big, beautiful eyes taking everything in as she played with every SMA kiddo's favorite toy.