JCMC: Day 5 :: Playin'

Today Emily has been all over the map.  She's mainly needed 4L of O2 to keep her sats up, but her xray looks decent, so no major concerns about spreading pneumonia or anything like that.  Chances are it is simply RSV flaring up and causing difficulty and fatigue for Emily.  

I spent the evening with Emily and did a little video of her playing with her balloon.  Mind you, in this video she has RSV, she is on BiPAP 24/7, and has 4L of O2 to keep her sats above 94.  Our kids can still have some fun, even in these circumstances. :)  


Barb said…
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Barb said…
I can tell by her eyes that she is having fun and not focused only on her illness.
Go, Emily!
Nana Barb
Laurel said…
that's so cute. :) What a darling.
Emily has always been a trooper but then our children are a mirror of their parents. You guys do a great job delivering a high quality of life what ever state Emily's health is in. And in my opinion if there is really one place and time to lift a person's spirits and help them heal through play and joy etc. is in the hospital! SMA makes all of us make the best of a lot of "challenging" situations. Give the munchkin a big hug from us.
Anonymous said…
Awww, she certainly is having fun! She's a trouper! Hope to hear that you'll be heading home soon.
Nate said…
Thanks for checking in everyone! Thanks for the nice compliments and encouragement as well. We'll make it through this soon - just a bit more drama and we'll be home. :)