JCMC: Day 6

Not much to report today.  Emily had a great day except for about 1 hr that came from a bad mucus plug in her lungs.  I think we've cleared it, but now she's back up to 4L of O2 -- argh! Anyway, she babbling right now when she's supposed to be sleeping --- yeah, I'm talking about you, Emilybemilyhead!  Go to sleep, crazy!

Anyway - We're here.  Forgot to mention that Emily has a sadly sore bottom.  All the pooping from the antibiotics has really messed her up down there.  Poor little crazy - it's a tough area to heal, down there!  

Want to see what we do while we're in the PICU?


Look at Emily's cute little feet

Take pictures


Peace <><


Anonymous said…
Emily looks so cute. I sure miss that little nutcase! I hope she starts getting better, and hopefully you two will be able to get some rest.
Monica said…
I loved the pictures. We do much of the same in our PICU across the country. Cute pictures, cute feet and gorgeous picture of sleeping mommy.
Mary C said…
Miss you guys - love the pictures. Hope you're home soon!! Love, Mary
Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting pictures! Glad to see she's looking good--now to get her numbers lookin' good and you'll be out of there!
What are you using on her bottom??? It may not be very proper for a yound lady, but keeping the "biscuits" open to air has always worked for us!
Unknown said…
Hey guys. I'm sorry that Emily has an excoriated bottom. Shira had ths the first time she had RSV and her anus and bum looked like raw hamburger. This happens because the virus is swallowed and goes through the digestive track. What really worked for Shira was keeping her on her side with her diaper open and one of the oxygen lines bleeding straight oxygen onto her sore bottom. We also used Karaya barrier cream but when her bum was really bad we just flushed it with purified water, left the diaper open and her legs spread with oxygen pouring over the wounds. Her bum will clear up really quickly when the virus stops running through her system. I couldn't believe how fast Shira's bottom cleared up once the virus past through her. I hope this helps. I feel for the girl because excoriation is brutal!! Thinking of you guys. Brad