JCMC: Day 8 -- Some pride can be good

Well, today was a good.  Emily was very playful and awake during normal times.  We had some good RT treatments and things were pretty standard, for being in the PICU and on the road to recovery.  

I labeled this post "Some pride can be good" b/c there is something we've experienced here that makes us proud to be Emily's parents and makes our countless hours of work with her worth all the more.  Pretty much every Nurse, RT, Doctor, and even a family that was here in the PICU has said, "Emily is blessed to have such dedicated parents that take such good care of her.  We don't see that very often here.  You guys are so loving and patient..." and/or something to that effect.  Of course it's always nice to get compliments, who doesn't like those, but I'm not writing this to get MORE compliments, but rather to reflect on the impact families like ours have on people around us -- good and bad.  

In this case, it is good.  I hope and pray that our dedication to Emily's life gives others, particularly parents, the willingnes, encouragement, and hopefullness that they can give others and/or their kids the care and attention they need -- b/c it's worth it.  BY NO MEANS does that mean that we are models of parenthood -- NOOO, we are not.  I, in particular, am a selfish impatient kid who happens to have an extraordinary task that I struggle to complete daily.  We are not, but I pray that God uses our circumstances, our willingness to broadcast our lives, and our encounters with others, as broken as we are, to make them think about what is actually important in life. :)  Jesus once said, "I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me."  

A fellow SMA dad and friend said to me on the phone the other day, "the PICU certainly has a way of motivating us!"  Indeed - it gives us an unusual time to reflect and see what in the world we're doing, who in the world we are, and where in the world we've come from.  And, for me, it brings me back to the reality of the impact my life has on others - especially when and where I least expect it.  I hope that I continue to remember this so God doesn't have to stick us in the PICU to remind me. :)  More importantly, though, I hope that my life - and all of this - draws others into a better knowledge of our Creator (that'd be the God of the Holy Bible), who gives us strength and encouragement to endure what often seems impossible and endless.  

Now on to some more respiratory therapy for Emily b/c her O2 saturations are lower than we want them to be.  Till the next post...  Peace <><   


Anonymous said…
Nathan and Diana,

So happy to hear that Emily is a bit more perky today. You guys ARE amazing! I can't even begin to fathom what your life must be like, and yet you guys are always so positive. I fear, if faced with circumstances such as yours, I'd not be as joyful. I'm so glad God is using you where you have been placed at this time. Thank you for inspiring me in my role as a parent and a follower of Christ.

Love to you all,

Jenny Wilson
Stuttgart, Germany
Unknown said…
Good stuff, my brother. Our family has been daily praying for you!
kimberlynoele said…
Just wanted you all to know that I've been following the posts and am praying for all of you. Thanks for sharing what you are learning and processing. You have had and continue to have an impact on so many people - all to the glory of God.

Kim Elliott
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
You are correct Nate. I think we get consumed with our children and their daily lives, we forget what the outside world sees and what an impact we have on them and if we always glorify God with these blessings and dedication, we are doing a great work in witnessing the power and mercy of Jesus Christ. keep up the good work!
ryanandkate said…
Nate - we loved this post!! We are praying for you all!

Kate and Mary