JCMC: Day 9 - Tiger and Clydsdale

Emily continued on her path to wellness today.  No more desats and stuff - just lung maintenence as we clear out the RSV crap.  Such a nasty virus! :/

So, Emily has a couple of friends that watch over her while she sleeps, a Tiger and a Clydsdale. Being just within her reach, she pets them and they in turn keep her company.  Apparently they are quite the conversationalists as well. :)  So, thought I'd post a couple pictures of this very important relationship:

Peace <><


Nate said…
I love the pics! Thanks for being the camera guy that you are! Love u. Diana
Mike A said…
That pic is a classic!
Groves said…
You are in my prayers and I check in all the time on the web site. Life keeps me from writing much, but it doesn't keep me from praying.

God bless you for all your perseverance. You sometimes feel like you are the "receivers" and other have to give to you, but to the rest of us, it feels the other way around. Only when we are in Heaven will you be able to see the full impact of how you have honored the Lord through your patient, costly endurance.

"The LORD your God is with you; He is mighty to save." Zephaniah 3:17

HOW WELL YOU KNOW THIS! Thanks for leaning into Him over and over and over and not quitting.

Your girls and you will stay in my prayers. Thanks for blessing all of us more than you know. What a joy it is to know you, even by computer. Heaven will make it even better.

Much love,

Cathy Groves
Springfield, MO
anastasia said…
Such sweet pictures. We are so glad Emily is doing better! You are in our thoughts.
Nancy Lee said…
So anxious to see all of you again. The Lord is supplying loving support here in Maryland too! Lots of love!