Friday, February 27, 2009

For Lent

Dear Heavenly Father,

Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness praying - so for lent I am giving up my laziness and exercising for 15 minutes each day by running and praying without ceasing.

You are wonderful and worthy of my praise and honor. You are loving and faithful despite my unfaithfulness to you. I have yet to express this unconditionally to you.

Dear God - thank you for Emily. Please give her joy and comfort in the midst of a difficult life. Let her feel cherished and loved by you and by us every single day. Give me the patience and focus she needs from me, and use me to show her your love for her.

Thank you also for Annabelle - for her incredibly caring spirit full of happiness, forgiveness, and creativity. Give her a pure heart and mind and draw her near to you. I am inadequate, Lord, to provide for her the way I feel I am called to. Please use me to show your love and compassion for her - in addition to drawing her near to you, especially in difficult times as her sisters require so much attention before they pass on to you.

Thank you for my wife, Diana - for her love for you and her giving and serving spirit that gets us through each and every day. Thank you for her constant love and encouragement as we endure some pretty bleak and seemingly endless days. Please use me to show her the love and grace you extend to us. Teach me to see her as you do, and to love her appropriately while serving her as you call me to. And draw her close to you every day in the midst of her busy schedule.

Thank you, Lord, for the love and mercy you extend to me - even though I don't deserve it. Even when I refuse to accept it. Draw me closer to you during these 40 days and prepare me for the next.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coming back around

Yikes. The distance between this post and my last is indicative of our life. It's been an incredible couple of months. Please browse the photo slideshow below, but here's the run-down:
  • Emily's been sick. She's been happy, but sick. Lots of thick secretions and TONS of coughing through the day and night. We've been tweaking her diet with breast milk and changing the fluid intake, etc and that has helped some with the secretion overload. Some of this has to do with some old molars flaring up as they come in too. She's doing much better now, but there have been few outings with the Lee family as of late.
    From January '09
  • It' snowed this Spring and I took Emily and Annabelle on the saucer down our little... Mhm, "hill." They both loved it! There are some pics in the slideshow.
    From January '09
  • Annabelle is doing well. We're hoping to get her into piano and/or gymnastics soon. She's doing her own in the house, so we might as well make it official and get her some training. :)
    From January '09
  • Oh, oh -- Annabelle had an awesome slumber party for her B'day - be sure to check out those pictures in the slide show - PARTICULARLY DIANA'S CAKE!!
    From January '09

  • Diana has been putting in long hours with Emily due to her being sick and all. Also b/c our nursing situation is not very good. Cancellations, inadequate skills, funky scheduling, and such have whittled us down to 1.5 nurses right now. We're praying that will take care of itself soon and that we will start seeing some good nurses.
    From January '09
  • We back down to Emily's van and my motorcycle for transportation. The Honda served us well, while it could. We have good friends who lend us their extra vehicle when we need it, but it's temporary - so we're also praying for a new car. Ideally something with 4 doors and a killer deal - and by that I mean free. :) If you here of anything please let us know!!
    From January '09
So, those things, cold weather, hanging out, and general surviving are what we've been up to. I regret that I have nothing tantalizing to say in this post. I try to be strange in some way to make it interesting, but there it is, that's all I got tonight! Follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Taking advantage of a wonderful day. Walkin at the park :)

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