Admitting Emily to PICU

We are admittig Emily to the PICU right now. This is after 5 days of antibiotics and fevers and will not come off BiPAP. Tests look "normal" except white blood cell count is low. I'll be updating via
Twitter (and Facebook) which you can see on the left side of this screen. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

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Lucy and Ethel said…
Lots of hugs and prayers for Emily and the rest of you!

Devon said…
Blessings to her and you. Hoping she gets better soon!!
Ara said…
Sending some e-hugs and prayers your way!!

Kim J
Sky said…
Keeping you all in our prayers, it sounded like maybe she was getting a little better earlier in the day, I hope this is a fast stay and you are all home soon, Hugs Sheila and Sky
ryanandkate said…
Sorry to hear this. We will be thinking of her. What hospital, room number????

The Nelson's
Visha said…
Hope that she pulls through very quickly and that you figure out what bug is doing this!!!
anastasia said…
Hope Emily will recover fast and you'll be back home soon.
Ashley said…
Hugs and prayers!

Love you guys!